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Bus Transmission

The powershift transmission has an optimal gear ratio spread combined with especially high mechanical efficiency. The torque converter lock-up clutch closes shortly after setoff to use engine power effectively. Combined with the torque converter ratio, the six gears produce a maximum total spread of 12.5. TopoDyn Life shift software controls the gear shifts. As the topography changes, this program always selects the right gear, while also taking into account all other driving resistance values.

The hydrodynamic torque converter with standard turbine torsional damper enables high input torques at low engine speeds. This cuts fuel consumption by up to 5 percent compared with automatic transmissions with fewer than 6 gears. It also reduces the noise level. The integrated primary retarder is incorporated into the vehicle's brake management system and supports high braking power even at low speeds. This effectively reduces the strain on the vehicle's service brakes. The dual cooling system with transmission and retarder heat exchanger reliably protects against overheating and extends oil change intervals.

Truck Transmission

Vehicles used in delivery traffic must cope with quick setting-off and frequent stops. The torque converter and the eight gear steps of ZF's 8-speed automatic transmission together with the high spread of gear ratios guarantee dynamic properties while at the same time keeping the engine speed and therefore also the fuel consumption at a low level. The innovative gearset concept minimizes drag losses and increases the efficiency.

The input torque of up to 470 Newton meters of the automatic 8-speed automatic transmission enables ideal acceleration at low fuel consumption and highest ride comfort.

The integrated transmission control unit ensures quick response times.

The new gearset concept with four planetary gearsets and only five shift elements minimizes drag losses in the transmission and increases its efficiency. To avoid hydraulic losses, the torque converter is bypassed very quickly after setting off.

A vane cell pump guarantees an oil flow in the transmission designed for optimum efficiency.

Marine Transmission

ZF Marine transmissions, rated up to 14,000 kW, are available in many configurations. For all kinds of commercial vessels ZF provides a complete line of heavy-duty transmissions. Gearbox housings are extremely resistant to torsional stresses and are generously sized to safely transmit the thrust loads to the ship's foundation. Numerous ratios are available that perfectly match today's medium-speed diesel engines. For commercial, ocean-going vessels such as freighters and tankers, heavy-duty transmissions with various PTOs and PTIs can be chosen.

Large motor yachts, fast ferries and vessels for naval, customs and coastguard duties - all require compact, high performance transmissions, specially configured to meet designer’s requirements. Furnished with high-tensile aluminum alloy gear housings they can be rigged with optional equipment, monitoring systems etc. to comply with stringent environmental and technical specifications, where safety, availability and reliability are of utmost importance. Highest quality standards, intelligent design concepts and ease of maintenance ensure compliance with specified operating profiles at minimum down-time and life cycle cost.

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