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Fuel Filter

Diesel engines today need to comply with very stringent emission norms in terms of their performance. And an engine’s performance is directly related to how perfectly it functions without the presence of contaminants. That’s where our Fuel Filters can help in maintaining the desired performance levels by carrying our filtration efficiently to improve engine mileage. Our Fuel Filters are sourced from top names in the business guaranteeing adherence to international quality standards. These Fuel Filters are designed to perform perfectly even with fuel injectors operating at high pressures up to 30,000 - 45,000 psi (2,000 - 3,100 bar) to filter out soot, dirt and rust. Tested for filtering different types of fuel with different densities, the Fuel Filters withstand the test of time to deliver excellent filtration performance for many years without requiring replacement. The Fuel Filters are designed to ensure fewer downtimes and to add to the durability of the filtration systems they are fitted in. We offer the Lube Filters in various configurations for fuel systems – including injectors, pumps, and engines at competitive prices.

Lubrication Filters

Our efficient Lube Filters come from prominent makers like Donaldson who are renowned for their filtration solutions. These Lube Filters capture various contaminants like dirt and rust to keep the oil clean and significantly reduce engine damage. The Lube Filters are designed to perform well no matter what the condition of operation or weather. These Lube Filters help protect the fuel injector and other expensive parts of an engine resulting in extended service intervals. What’s more, the Fuel Filters ensure superior engine performance which results in better mileage. The Lube Filters protect the engines from minute particles that can cause wear and tear, thus prolonging the life of a vehicle. The filters have high dirt holding capacity, come with multi-layered media for better efficacy, can withstand high pressure due to their superior quality make and are designed for 100 percent fuel filtration. Extended service intervals, low maintenance, enhanced durability, less frequent oil changes, decreased abrasion – all of this is promised by the Lube Filters we supply. We offer Lube Filters in various specifications to meet and exceed the demands of the buyers. The cost-effective design of these filters makes them much sought after in the market.

Exhaust Filters

We offer Exhaust Filters for On and Off road applications. Being an experienced supplier of On and Off road products, we are well aware of the required specifications and standards required for Exhaust Filtration Systems. That’s why we are able to deliver products that meet the expectations of the clients. The Exhaust Filters we supply go through strict tests to capture heavy and light particulate matter. Easy to mount, these Exhaust Filters provide excellent flexibility and effectively reduce soot and odour. Low usage cost, low replacement cost, fast activation with vehicle/equipment start and suitability for multiple application areas make our Exhaust Filters much sought after in the market. Each piece of Exhaust Filter that we supply is checked at various levels to ensure enhanced durability and reduces mutagenic, carcinogenic and allergy-causing substances in the air. These filters have a large surface area and are designed to prevent clumping of the contaminants for easy cleaning and smooth operation. Contact us to avail Exhaust Filters in various designs that too at very economical prices.

Air Intake Filters

No matter what the environment and how polluted it is, the Air Intake Filters we supply are designed to effectively clean and keep the equipment running smoothly. We provide Air Intake Filters that withstand tough conditions and are manufactured keeping in mind the latest emission regulations. The air filtration done by these filters ensures excellent engine performance, longer life and better protection than any other filter in the market. Suited for various types of heavy-duty filtration, these Air Intake Filters undergo multiple layers of strict testing to ensure that they keep filtering out a large variety of contaminants year after year. With no need for frequent replacement, these Air Intake Filters are designed using latest technologies are a good choice for a better environment. Easy to fit, these Air Intake Filters promise high airflow with minimum restriction and superior dirt protection. Easy to mount and requiring less frequent replacements, the Air Intake Filters supplied by us are fit for a large variety of On and Off road applications. Available in various designs and sizes, the Air Intake Filters we offer are very cost-effective.

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