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Comfortable and inviting, the interior of Pajero/Montero is a far cry from the terrain it was designed to face. Illuminated meters and leather-wrapped controls are all ergonomically arranged and awaiting your command, while the soft leather seats and luxurious appointments throughout tempt you to forget your destination and simply keep driving.

Adventure calls from the well-appointed cockpit, which surrounds you with solid craftsmanship, supportive comfort, intelligent features and a wide open view. From refined meters to sophisticated floor console, every feature is fine-tuned to enhance driving pleasure and keep you in confident control.


Safety & Quality



Uper select 4WD-II (SS4-II)

Using the drive mode selector dial, you can switch between 2WD (2H) and 4WD (4H, 4HLc) with shift-on-the-fly convenience at up to 100km/h. When the going gets rough, lock the center differential by entering the 4HLc setting for rugged terrain or the 4LLc setting for inclines, mud, sand, and snow. (Models with 4D56 engine and 5M/T feature Super Select 4WD in place of Super Select 4WD-ll.)

Hill Descent Control (HDC)

Pressing the HDC mode selector activates HDC, which automatically applies the brakes to maintain your current speed when traveling downhill at 2 ~ 20km/h. This lets you concentrate on steering and travel downhill with greater safety without having to manually apply the brakes.

Safety & Quality

Technology for peace of mind

Sophisticated new safety features intelligently support safer driving whether you are parking or cruising on the highway. You can drive with greater confidence knowing that all occupants are solidly protected by a robust RISE body and comprehensive safety measures.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Maintains a selected distance between your vehicle and the car ahead via radar to lend driving assistance and enhance driving comfort. It especially reduces driver stress during slow traffic jams on highways.

Multi-around Monitor

The views from cameras mounted on the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle (including a bird’s-eye view) can be displayed in various combinations to reveal what is in blind spots and help you park more safely.


Meet the new ASX – your ride to the world beyond what you now know. Day-to-day tasks become adventures, the daily commute turns into a fun event you actually look forward to. A promise of new beginnings, the exciting choice to be on the go. Expanding your new road of life: find yourself in new & unknown territories before you know it.

Take on the road, exactly the way you want to. The new ASX will respond to any corner, curves, or climate. It’s the perfect compact crossover with smooth and nimble moves that will please any driver. Here’s your invitation - let the new excitement on wheels roll into your life today.


Safety & Quality




ASX’s 2.0-liter powerhouse uses a lightweight aluminum block for optimum performance as it puts out 110kW (150PS) to take control of city streets and open highways alike. MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system) technology provides optimal valve timing at both low and high rev ranges, to give the most of every curve and straightaway out there.


The Keyless Operation System lets you activate the ignition just by pressing the button located near the center of the dash panel with the brake depressed and the shift in parking position for CVT, or with the clutch pedal depressed and shift in neutral position for manual transmission. Once you’ve arrived, one more push shuts the engine off.


The 2.0-liter engine is teamed with the new INVECS-III (Intelligent & Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System) CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) featuring Sports Mode, ideally tuned to deliver effortless acceleration from any speed. In addition, the INVECS-III CVT provides improved fuel efficiency, while Sports Mode offers all the sporty control of manual shifting without the hassle of a clutch.

Safety & Quality

Super Wide Range Headlamps

What You Can’t See, Can Hurt You. To Take More Of The Road Out Of The Shadows, ASX Features Super Wide Range HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Headlamps. When Activated, The Headlamp Clusters Send Out Broader Beams Of Light, Illuminating A Much Wider Section Of The Road Ahead.

7-Airbag System

So That You And Your Passengers Can Be Safer In The Event Of A Collision, ASX Is Equipped With A 7-Airbag System To Provide Increased Safety To Every Seat. The Front Seats Are Protected By Front Airbags, Plus An Additional Knee Airbag For The Driver To Help Protect The Legs In A Forward Collision. In A Side Collision, Occupants In Both Rows Are Protected By Curtain Airbags Extending Along The Sides.

Stability Control Function

ASC Uses Onboard Sensors To Analyze The Vehicle’s Motion And Identify Lateral Wheel Slippage. By Governing Engine Output And Controlling Braking To The Appropriate Wheels, ASC Helps Maintain Stability And Traction Control.

Traction Control Function

When Wheel Spin Is Detected, Engine Output Is Governed And Braking Force Is Applied To The Spinning Wheels To Prevent Driving Torque Loss.

Pajero Sports

Presenting you the new Pajero Sports confidently exploring rough terrain in the wilderness or attracting admiration on city streets.
From elegant meters to clever floor consoles every feature is fine-tuned to increase driving pleasure and keep you in confident control in the well-appointed cockpit, which surrounds you with sturdy craftsmanship, supporting comfort, clever technology, and a wide-open perspective. It keeps everyone comfortable and in good spirits and possesses leather seats with smooth gathers and dual-layered padding to relaxing, spaciousness, and an optimal driving posture.

Thanks to selectable 2WD and 4WD modes, an OFF-ROAD MODE that improves traction on hard surfaces, intelligent assistance in hard situations, an upgraded suspension, and superb all-around clearance, handling is steady and accurate on and off-road, in all sorts of weather and driving circumstances.


Safety & Quality


UPER Select 4WD-II (SS4-II)

You may switch between 2WD (SH) and 4WD (4H, 4HLc) with shift-on-the-fly convenience at speeds up to 100 km/h using the drive mode selector dial. When the going gets tough, enter the 4HLc setting for harsh terrain or the 4LLc setting for inclines, muck, sand, and snow to lock the Centre differential. (Models with a 4D56 engine and a 5M/T transmission.)


Enter the GRAVEL, MUD/SNOW, SAND, or ROCK* option to improve traction when driving off-road. Simply push the OFF-ROAD MODE selector until the multi-information display shows the proper mode. To improve performance, the engine output, gearbox settings, and braking are adjusted correspondingly.

Hill Descent Control [HDC]

When the HDC mode option is pressed, HDC is activated, and the brakes are automatically applied to maintain your current speed when riding downhill at 220km/h. This allows you to focus on steering while also allowing you to ride downhill safely without having to manually engage the brakes.

Safety & Quality

Blind Spot Warning system [BSW]

This safety function detects vehicles in your rear blind areas on the right and left sides using ultrasonic sensors on the back bumper. A warning indicator shows on the door mirror on that side when a vehicle is detected.

7 SRS airbags

Seven SRS airbags help safeguard you and your passengers in the event of a collision by absorbing the impact force. Front airbags, front side airbags, curtain airbags (including third-row curtain airbags in the 7-seater), and a driver's knee airbag are all part of the system.

Ultrasonic misacceleration Mitigation System [UMS]

If the front or rear sensors identify a nearby obstruction, a buzzer sounds and a warning display appears to help prevent collisions while parking. If you abruptly accelerate by accident, the engine output is also controlled.


  • Feel the power. Feel the handling.
  • Feel a new level of comfort in an entirely new class of vehicle.
  • The new L200/TRITON, it's all truck and all car and it changes the way you think about getting from one place to another.
  • Venture forth comfortably in the class-leading space and leg-stretching relaxation of the L200/TRITON Double Cab. Everything is here to support a pleasurable journey. From the luxurious new front seats and high-quality rear seats to the convenient amenities and quiet, insulated ride, the L200/TRITON makes traveling a joy for all occupants.


Safety & Quality



Confident Command

Savor the solid stability and all-terrain traction of the L200/TRITON’s rugged suspension and reliable 4WD. When nature throws you a curve, top-class agility keep you in confident control. Streamlined dimensions add a genuine edge when navigating narrow paths where others fear to tread.

Super select 4WD-II

Using the drive mode selector dial, you can switch between 2WD (2H) and 4WD (4H, 4HLc) with shift-on-the-fly convenience at up to 100km/h. When the going gets rough, lock the center differential by entering the 4HLc setting for rugged terrain or the 4LLc setting for inclines, mud and snow.

Easy select 4WD

Switch from smooth 2WD (2H) highway performance to rugged 4WD (4H) traction while driving at up to 100km/h. Transfer torque to all four wheels with a flick of the drive mode selector dial* in the 4H mode or by entering the 4L mode,which provides lower gear ratios and higher torque for slower speed driving in rough terrain.

Safety & Quality

Rise Body

Collision Safety Performance Is Significantly Enhanced By Mitsubishi Motors' RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) Body, Which Efficiently Absorbs Energy And Maintains High Cabin Integrity In The Event Of A Collision.

7 SRS Airbags

In The Event Of A Collision, Seven SRS Airbags Help Protect You And Your Passengers By Absorbing The Force Of Impact. The System Includes Front Airbags, Front Side Airbags, Curtain Airbags And A Driver's Knee Airbag. (Optional On GLS)

Note: Airbags Are Part Of A Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). To Decrease The Risk Of Injury From A Deploying Airbag, Always Wear Your Seat Belt, Sit Upright In The Middle Of The Seat And Do Not Lean Against The Door. Always Place Children 12 And Under In The Rear Seat And Use Appropriate Child Restraints. Never Place A Rear-Facing Infant Restraint In The Front Seat. Please See The Owner's Manual And The Instructions Provided With Your Child Restraint For Additional Information.


Pretensioners On The Front Seatbelts Automatically Tighten The Belts In The Event Of A Frontal Collision To Help Restrain The Driver And Front Passenger And Reduce The Force Of Impact When The Front Airbags Are Deployed. (Single Pretensioner Optional For Driver And Front Passenger. Double Pretensioner Optional For Driver On GLS.)


The L200/TRITON's ABS Gives You The Ability To Suddenly Maneuver Safely Around Obstacles As You Slow Down. EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution) Assists By Applying Additional Force To The Rear Brakes As Needed, Enabling Quicker Stops Even When Carrying Passengers And Heavy Loads.

Note: ABS Can Help A Driver Prevent Unsafe Situations While Braking, But Is Never A Substitute For Safe Driving. ABS Does Not Always Reduce Stopping Distances. Stopping Distance Can Be Influenced By Many Factors Including Road Surface Conditions And Friction Between The Tires And The Road Surface.