Renewable Solutions(Solar Energy System)

There is a global shift towards clean, safe and sustainable energy. Kenya is blessed with one of best solar resource (irradiation) availability globally(solar energy system). Solar based energy systems have the potential to make cheap energy available to the underprivileged without compromising on health and the environment.H omes and businesses are able to generate their own energy during power failures. Solar energy system (in most cases) is cheaper than the grid. People far from the national grid can generate electricity on-site for free from the sun. Cleaner energy will reduce our carbon footprint and negative impact on the climate (the average home burns the equivalent of 1 ton of carbon every month for electricity).

What do we offer

Solar Power Projects - Ground Mounted Solar Plants, Rooftop Solar plants, Solar Hybrid projects

Retail Products - Solar street lights, Lighting solutions, Mobile solar, Solar water pumps

Hansa Engineering Limited is in a position to analyze your requirements and provide the right fit technology even if it is only renewable sources or a hybrid with conventional fossil fuel-based technology.

Executed & Ongoing Projects

  • Solar Water systems in Kenya

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